New Year’s Eve

We will be offering a special New Year’s Eve (NYE) Take Out Menu featuring eight types of dumplings, 3 cold dishes, 2 hot dishes, an optional open face Peking Duck bun, and dessert. This menu is priced at $68.88 for TWO, and may be ordered up to 14 days in advance ONLINE at BaoBao now. This online ordering site is EXCLUSIVELY for NYE orders only. It is not our normal take-out ordering system, and everything you order through this site is assumed to be for pick-up on New Year’s Eve at your selected time.

There will be no dine-in service on New Year’s Eve.

BaoBao New Year’s Eve Menu
$68.88 for TWO

Cold Dishes
Eighty Ate Slaw
Bang Bang Chicken Salad
Somen Noodles

Dumplings, 2 of each

Pan Fried
Kung Pao
Beef Bulgogi
Shrimp and Bacon

Deep Fried
Crab Rangoons
Golden Purses  

Pork and Scallion
Shiitake Wonton


Hot Dishes
Taiwanese Chicken Wings
Bok Choy with Oyster Sauce

optional add-on bun +$8.88
Peking Duck Bun, 2 pieces

Pineapple Moon Cake