We strive to replicate a traditional Chinese dumpling house, while also reinventing classic Asian dishes to highlight local ingredients. Our chefs create unique, new, and exciting specials every night.

roast pork and spring onion ramendumplings

Cold Dishes

Eighty Ate Slaw                               6.88
cabbage, peapods, peanut, shallot dressing (GF)

Smashed Cucumbers                    6.88
garlic, chili oil, sesame rice vinaigrette (GF)

Bang Bang Chicken Salad          10.88
Sichuan sesame and chili dressing
with cucumbers and spiced chili oil

Somen Noodles                              6.88
sambal, scallion, sesame, crispy shallots
on thin Japanese noodles


Dumplings    6 per order

Kung Pao Chicken  [pan-fried]             7.88
contains peanuts

Beef Bulgogi  [pan-fried]                    10.88

Shrimp & Bacon  [pan-fried]                9.88

Pork & Scallion  [boiled]                      7.88

Shiitake Wontons  [boiled]                 8.88
with shiitake dashi, schmaltz (VE)

Maine Crab Rangoons  [deep fried]   12.88
with chili jam

Golden Purses  [deep fried]                  7.88
chicken & shiitake with chili jam

Shaomai  [steamed]                               7.88
shrimp & pork with water chestnuts, ginger,
soy, scallion, sesame and shaoxing


Dim Sum

Open Face bun                               3.58
changes daily

Lo Mai Fan                                       7.88
sticky rice with pork, roasted chestnuts,
Chinese sausage and Chinese salsa verde


Shiitake                                             1.58
tare glazed with cilantro ginger sauce

Lamb                                                 2.28
with Uyghur spice, cilantro peanut relish

Chicken Satay                                 2.28
with peanut coconut sauce


Hot Dishes

Zha Jiang Mian                             13.88
wheat noodles with a braised pork and
brown bean sauce, seasonal vegetables

Pork Belly Banh Xeo                    12.88
Vietnamese crepe with roasted pork belly,
bean sprouts, Vietnamese herbs, nuoc cham

Fried Shrimp                                  13.88
ginger garlic with lapsang souchong tea (GF)

Bok Choy w Oyster Sauce            6.88



Fried Mochi Balls, 2 pc                  3.08
peanut and/or coconut filling (GF)

Vegan Chocolate Mousse            4.58
with candied sesame seeds (GF)

Almond Jelly                                    4.08
with local Maine strawberries


Signature Cocktails

“We’ll Clue You In…”

Miss Scarlett  $12

Smokey & Spicy Aperol Spritz

Thai Bird Infused Aperol, Mezcal, Ruby Red Grapefruit Syrup, Soda Water & Prosecco

Colonel Mustard  $14

Spiced & Sweet Mai Thai

Turmeric Tonic Mekong Rum,  Orgeat, Mango Nectar, Fresh Lime,  Cardamom Bitters & Dark Rum Float

Mr. Green  $13

Cool & Crisp Vodka Collins

Haku Vodka, Japanese Midori,  Persian Cucumber, Fresh Lime & Soda Water

Mrs. Peacock  $15

Smooth & Sparkly Vesper

Roku Gin, Lillet Blanc, Blue Pea Flower Syrup & Fresh Lemon

Professor Plum  $14

Local & Luscious Old Fashioned

Local Bourbon, Fernet Michaud, Caramelized Plum Peach Syrup & Angostura Orange Bitters

Mrs. White  $13

Creamy & Coconutty Margarita

Hornitos Tequila, Coconut Liquor, Coco Lopez Milk, Fresh Lime & Dusted Cardamom

Suntori Hard Teas – $8

Thai + Toki Whiskey
Lemon & Ginger + Haku Vodka
Hibiscus + Roku Gin


Seasonal Spritzers – $8

Caramelized Plum Peach Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice & Soda

Mango Nectar, Pineapple Juice, Fresh Lime Juice & Soda

Ruby Red Grapefruit Syrup, Fresh Lime Juice, Grapefruit Juice & Soda

Cool Cat
Persian Cucumber, Muddled Mint, Fresh Lime Juice & Soda

POG Juice, Almond Oregeat, Fresh Lime Juice & Soda

Blue Pea Flower Simple Syrup, Fresh Lemon Juice & Soda


Simple Spritzers – $6

Mango Lime
Guava Lime
Cranberry Lime
Pineapple Lime
Grapefruit Lime
POG Lime



Coke, Diet Coke, Seltzer               2.08

Maine Root Ginger Beer               4.08

Maine Root Root Beer                  4.08

Green Bee Honey Soda                4.08

Green Bee Blueberry Soda          4.08

Kiminio Ringo Sparking                3.08


Iced Tea

Thai Iced Tea                                   5.08

Blood Orange Hibiscus                  3.08

Lemon Ginger                                 3.08


Hot Tea                                         4.88


Golden Green– sage jasmine, orange zest

Moroccan Mint– spinach oregano, sweet mint


Silk Road Spice– sweet smoke, citron, cardamom

Ginger Peach– ginger, dried peach, brandy

Blue Earl Grey– caramel, cedar candied lemon

Spicy Chai– ginger, clove, peppercorn


White Peony (Bai Mu Dan)- apricot, honeycomb, elderflower


Golden Buds– macadamia, honeydew, butter


Yerba Wild Harvest- bold, authentic, woodsy


Spicy Turmeric Tonic– cacao, ginger, cinnamon

Rooibos– cherry wood, orange peel, vanilla

Red Zen– orange, clove, lavender


Beer  –  on draft   $6


207 Pale Ale                                    4.5%
Maine grown malt and cascade hops,
Tumbledown Brewing, Farmington, ME

Afterglow IPA                                 7.0%
West coast and south pacific hops with notes of tangerine, pine and berries, Foundation Brewing Co., Portland,  ME

Allagash White                               5.2%
Belgian with wheat, coriander and curacao, orange peel, Allagash Brewing Co., Portland, ME

Austin St Patina                             5.3%
Hop forward American pale ale with notes of grapefruit
that lead to classic hop flavors, Austin Street Brewing, Portland, ME

Sapporo                                           4.9%
Japanese Lager

Tumble Down Prenderpils          5.0%
Czech style pilsner, malt sweetness by grassy Saaz hops, Woodland Farms, Kittery,  ME


Beer/Cider  –  bottles or cans   $5


Cocoa Sutra                                    7.1%
A “sultry & smooth” milk stout with cacao nibs,
Aeronuat Brewing Company, Somerville, MA

Rose Cider                                       6.9%
Apples only blend with a “rose” color coming
from red fleshed apples.  Bright dry and tart. 
Anxo Cidery  Washington DC

Baby Jasmine Tea Lager              7.8%                                                                           
Master Gao Brewing Co. Nanjing, China

Barista                                              7.3%
Double coffee porter, 
Burlington Beer Company, Williston, VT

Coded Tiles                                    5.0 %
Pale Ale from LIC Beer Project, Queens, NY

Rolling in the Clouds                    7.1%                                                                           
IPA Finback Brewery, Glendale NY

Rosa Rugosa                                   4.5%
Sour ale with Maine sea salt, lime,
Maine sea rose & black currant,
Fore River Brewing Company South Portland, ME

Glitter n Grit                                    5.6%
Dragon fruit gose with blood orange,
Austin Street Brewery, Portland, ME

Party Jam                                        5.9%
Kettle sour rotating series with native wild yeast 
Hermit Thrush Brewery, Brattleboro, VT

Rooftops                                          5.2%
Kolsch style ale. Mast Landing Brewing Company, Westbrook, ME

Reverend Nat’s Cider                   5.8%
Medium sweet cider, with aromas of pineapple, guava and peach.
  Reverand Nat’s Portland, OR

Tsing Tao                                         4.0%
Chinese Lager brewed in the style of an
American light lager



Hakutsuru Sayuri – Nigori                 12
creamy 12.5% 300ml

Poochi Poochi – Sparkling Junmai   18
citrus – candy – dry finish 8%abv 300ml

Oni Koroshi Juice Box – Honjozo        5
Demon Slayer Futsushu Sake IN A JUICE BOX!!!!

Miyozakura “Panda Cup” – Junmai 11
Commemorative Glass smooth – plush – floral aroma – dry finish 15%abv 180ml

Amabuki Junmai Ginjo Ichigo        11
Junmai using stawberry flower yeast! 16%abv 180ml reusable glass cup 

Dassai 45 Daiginjo – Junmai              18
light body, medium sweetness, round, notes of honey 16%abv 300ml

Ozeki Platinum Daiginjo – Junmai   15
fragrant – rich texture – ripe fruit -16%abv


Wine  –  bubbles  

Cava  (Juve Y Camps, Spain)           bottle  28

Prosecco  (Carletto, Italy)                     glass      7


Wine  –  still                                                                bottle  28
                                                                                                                   glass     8

Malbec (Humberto Canale, Argentina)

Pinot Noir (Pierre Tailleur, France)

Barbera d’Asti (Michele Chiarlo, Italy)

Chardonnay (Bliss, California)

Gruner (Grooner, Austria)

Rose (Beyra, Portugal)