We strive to replicate a traditional Chinese dumpling house, while also reinventing classic Asian dishes to highlight local ingredients. Our chefs create unique, new, and exciting specials every night.

roast pork and spring onion ramendumplings

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Cold Dishes

Poached Shrimp 3.88 each 
miso béarnaise, fennel panko (SF)

Winter Point Oysters [West Bath] 3.88 each 
lemongrass mignonette (SF)

Mama Yew’s Cucumber Salad 9.88 
garlic, chili oil, sesame rice vinaigrette (GF, VE)

Eighty Ate Slaw 9.88
cabbage, carrot, snow peas, peanuts, shallot dressing (GF, VE)

Celery Cloud Ear Salad 10.88
fried peanuts, shanxi garlic, shanxi vinegar, scallions (VE)

Tuna Poke 16.88
ponzu, sesame oil, pickled ginger, scallions, radish, vegetable chips (GF/P)

Dim Sum

Beef Bulgogi Potstickers [pan-fried] 13.88
caramelized onion and soy with burnt scallion aioli

Steak & Pepper Potstickers [pan-fried] 13.88
smoked poblano sauce, pickled peppers

Claypot Rice Balls [pan-fried] 11.88
chicken, Chinese sausage, and shiitake with sweet soy sauce (SF)

Shiitake Wontons [boiled] 12.88
peanut milk, cilantro, sesame (VE)

Pork & Cabbage Potstickers 🌶 [boiled] 11.88
chinkiang vinegar, chili oil

Shaomai [steamed] 12.88
shrimp, pork, water chestnuts, shiitake, scallion, and sesame with Zhenjiang vinegar (SF)

Crab Rangoons 🌶 [deep-fried] 16.88
cream cheese, habanero sambal, with chili jam (P, SF)

Hot Dishes

Yee Mee Noodles 18.88
crispy egg noodles with shrimp, Chinese broccoli, onions, and water chestnuts in oyster sauce (SF)

Uyghur Chili Lamb Noodles 🌶 21.88
Shanxi knife cut noodles with braised lamb, celery, and carrots
(can be made with tofu – VE)

Kung Pao Tofu 🌶🌶 16.88
fried tofu with chili and peanuts served with rice (S/VE)

Hong Shao Eggplant 12.88
black bean chili, doubanjiang, shrimp powder, house pickled mustard greens, served with rice (VE)

Dong Po Rou & Bok Choy 19.88
without pork (VE) 11.88
braised pork belly with bok choy in garlic soy sauce, scallion, garlic chips, and chili threads


Steamed White Rice 2.88


Chocolate Banana Decadence 10.88
dark chocolate baked custard, frozen banana cream, miso, sesame tuile, dulce de leche

Yuzu Tart [deconstructed] 10.88
yuzu curd, toasted meringue, strawberry sorbet, pâte sucrée

Ginger Posset
ginger cream, fresh citrus, sesame (GF)