Take Out Menu

We strive to replicate a traditional Chinese dumpling house, while also reinventing classic Asian dishes to highlight local ingredients. Our chefs create unique, new, and exciting specials every night.

roast pork and spring onion ramendumplings

— Take Out Menu —

During peak hours, the minimum prep time for large orders is one hour.  If you place your take-out order earlier in the day, you can schedule the exact time you want to pick it up without any delay or wait time.

Please note: Due to the COVID-19 precautions we will take payment upon order over the phone and ask that any tip be given then. We will deliver your food fully packaged curbside. Do not come inside. Call us to let us know you have arrived.


88 Slawcabbage, pea pod, peanut, shallots6.88 (VE, GF)
Smashed Cucumbersgarlic, sesame, chili oil6.88 (VE, GF)
Somen NoodlesChili, ginger, soy, cucumber6.88 (VE)
Napa Saladcreamy tofu dressing, scallion, cilantro, puffed rice, pickled goji berries6.88 (VE,GF)
Drunken Sesame Chicken 
– cabbage, cucumber, celery, orange – 10.88



During the winter, all dumplings are HALF PRICE on Sundays
6 Dumplings per Order

Pork & Scallion (boiled) 7.88
Shrimp & Bacon (boiled) 9.88
Kung Pao Chicken & Peanut (pan fried) 6.88
Chicken & Cashew 
(pan fried) – 7.88

Shiitake Wonton (mushroom & chicken broth) 8.88

Vegan Shiitake Wonton (mushroom broth) – 8.88
Shao Mai (steamed) 8.88
Bulgogi Beef (pan fried) 10.88
Habanero Shrimp, & Shiitake
(pan fried) 9.88 (P)
Pork and Chive 
(pan fried) – 7.88
Three Treasures (pan fried) – 8.88 (VE)



Bok Choy in Oyster Sauce – 7.88 (P,VE, GF)
Sweet & Sour Eggplant – golden lily, Chinese chive, black vinegar 8.88 (VE, S)
Dan Dan Mian – Korean udon noodles, ground pork, pickled mustard greens, garlic, ginger, soy, Shaoxing, chilli oil, cilantro, scallion 11.88
Steamed White Rice – 1.88 (VE, GF)
Lo Mai Gai – lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice, pork, Chinese sausage, roasted chestnut 7.88 (S)
Fried Rice – pork confit, carrot, celery, egg, scallion – 10.88 (S, V)       

Meal Packages

Lunch Specialchoose 1 cold dish, 1 dumpling (6pc) and a dessert ball –13.88 (available from 11AM-4PM)


Sesame, Red Bean, & Coconut Ball1.58 each (V)


** All beers $5 **
Please be prepared to show valid ID at time of pick-up.

Sapporo, Allagash White, Peak Organic Nut Brown Ale, Lone Pine Tiny Tess, Aeronaut Cocoa Sutra, Hoof Hearted Reptilian Beauty Secrets, Anxo Rose Cider, Barreled Souls Resistance is Fruitile, Shukurimu Matcha NEIPA, Mast Landing Rooftops, Fore River Rosa Rugosa, Liquid Riot Head Stash, Tsing Tao

Wine & Sake

Please be prepared to show valid ID at time of pick-up.

Cava (Juve Y Camps) – 24

All wines below are $20

Malbec (Humberto Canale)
Pinot Noir
(Pierre Tailleur)
Barbera d’Asti
(Michele Chiarlo)

Hakutsuru Sayuri – Nigori – 12
Poochi Poochi –
Sparkling Junmai – 18
Oni Koroshi Juice Box –
Honjozo – 7                                              
Miyozakura “Panda Cup” –
Junmai – 11
Amabuki Junmai Ginjo Ichigo – Strawberry flower – 11
Dassai 45 Daiginjo –
Junmai – 18
Ozeki Platinum Daiginjo –
Junmai – 15


** All cocktails now $9 **

Island Fuel – vodka, yuzu, lemon, coconut water, orgeat, house hibiscus-lavender tincture

Singapore Sling – gin, house grenadine, cherry liqueur, benedictine, pineapple, lime, bitters

Lost at Sea – Plantation Pineapple rum, house Thai bird chili liqueur, pineapple, lime, coconut, bitters

Hula Dancin’ Dad – bourbon, rye, lime, orgeat, pineapple

Tommy’s Margarita – tequila, agave nectar, lime

*SPECIAL* Bananerac – house banana infused whiskey, demerara sugar, absinthe, bitters

Beet & Yuzu Gin Martini – Hendricks’s gin, beet juice, Thai basil, yuzu, lemon, simple syrup (4 oz chilled cocktail)
>> Currently not available <<

Please, no cocktail modifications at this time.


Coke, Diet Coke, Seltzer – $2  
Maine Root Root Beer & Ginger Beer – $4
Green Bee Honey Soda – Green Tea – $4
House-made Guava Lychee Lemonade – $3.88
Ginger Peach Arnold Palmer – $3.88
Hot Tea – $3.88
Morrocan Mint (green), Ras Chai (black), Golden Buds (oolong), Rooibos (herbal – decaf)

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We are happy to accommodate food allergies and dietary restrictions whenever possible. However, due to the nature of the food on our menu, we cannot accommodate anyone with Celiac disease. We apologize for the inconvenience.

GF – can be made gluten free
S – contains soy, otherwise gluten free
V – can be made vegetarian
VE – can be made vegan
P – can be made pescataria